Custeed Suite

When your CUSTOMER FEEDBACKS turn into additional revenue.

Discover CUSTEED, the digital solution that DOUBLES your active customer database in an automated way and interfaces with your ecosystem (DMS, CRM, Lead Management Tool). Our technological suite is 100% digital!


and 53 brands.


Customers contacted and 1.5M customers reactivated a year.




Reviews collected
on Google.

How does CUSTEED double your active customer base from 25% to 50% through targeted interactions with each customer?

+10% of customer contact information corrected

– Custeed identifies 20% of uncontactable customers.
– Custeed corrects one contact out of two.

+5% of unknown leads turn into sales

– Custeed identifies 15% of unknown leads.
– Custeed generates one sale for three leads.

+5% of unhappy customers remain loyal

– Custeed identifies 10% of unhappy customers.
– Custeed saves one unhappy customer out of two.

+5% of customers are reactivated within 24 months

– Custeed identifies 30% of customers who do not return to the workshop within 24 months of the last visit.
– Custeed generates one workshop billing out of six targeted customers.

Increase x2 your active customer base, x6 your reviews published on the web, and grow your Google rating by +1 point in a 100% automated way.

The solution that boosts your customer satisfaction on the Internet!

The solution that digitalises your methods and improves your productivity.

The solution that simplifies the management of your E-Reputation.

The solution that turns your passive customers into revenue.

Custeed Suite is a component of the Imaweb platform

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Digital Invoice

Digital Invoice is a multi-channel module directly integrated within your DMS allowing you to benefit from the digitalisation, distribution and archiving of all your customer invoices.​


The DMS that accompanies you in your growth and your international deployment.


The CRM designed for automotive manufacturers and their network

DataCar DMS

The DMS that adapts to the organization of your dealership Group and allows you to deliver better customer services.

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