Our Services

This page concerns all the support services offered to deploy and keep your Imaweb solution alive throughout its lifespan.

The strengths of Imaweb Services

Available throughout the life of your system

Wide range to adapt to your needs

Remotely or on-site

Services in several areas


We consider the entire deployment from the study to the commissioning, using a methodology we have been refining during more than 30 years of experience in vehicle dealership.
Whether they come from your DMS or CRM, your data and history are imported once their quality has been verified.
The interfaces with your brands are implemented in order to comply with their policies and ensure an optimal customer service.

Management Expertise

The initial objective of a DMS or CRM deployment is to quickly restore operational functioning in order to continue operations.
Experience has shown that, without specific countermeasures, the use of softwares stagnates then erodes with successive software versions and changing employees.
To counter this, we offer a range of expert advice aimed at exploiting all functionalities more fully in order to improve your profitability.


A training plan is defined with your participation to ensure optimal learning. Depending on the case, the training plan can combine training courses from online training (E-learning) with training courses in the dealership. The various training sessions bring together employees from the same job position. We are accredited as a professional training organization.

Digital Expertise

Your customers want to be able to get in touch with you via the Internet; in other words, via a digital channel. Our experts can help you promote and enhance your vehicles and services on the Internet, including a campaign plan designed to generate NV, UV and after-sales leads in accordance with the GDPR.
• Your Customer Relationship software (CRM and Marketing automation) digital modules such as e-Invoicing, On line appointment, digital signature.
• On your web site and social networks with interventions on your natural or paid referencing (SEO, SEA) and Google campaigns for example.

The benefits of our Services

Controlled migration

Our proven methodology takes into account the various pitfalls to be dealt with in order to get the vehicle dealership back up and running quickly and efficiently:
• Change management.
• Settings to suit your organization.
• Data migration after data cleansing (e.g. customer, inventory and work-in-progress data).
• Training.
• On-site support during commissioning.

Optimized usage

Imaweb maintains a constant dialogue with its users to offer them a product that meets their expectations (in terms of Look and Feel) and their positions (in terms of features).
We pay particular attention to initial training but also offer online sessions to bring new employees into your automotive Dealership Group.
Our customer portals regularly provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), suggest less well-known features that might be of interest to users, and documents new versions.

Control margins and processes

During the deployment study, a specific section will look at how to calculate the margins of your different activities: NV sales, UV sales, Workshop and Warehouse.
The means to measure them on a daily basis will be defined and parametrized.
The operating processes of your teams can be reviewed to ensure that the data collected are compliant and that margins are measured on a daily basis.

Ensuring data quality

Customer data are an important component of your business assets and their quality is key to ensuring the relevance of your marketing actions. Services are available to optimize data quality; these include deduplication, enrichment, or synchronization between your multiple databases. We also check the validity of the information required for financial management and applications.

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